How do you set the grass?

Very easily, like any carpet. We sell 2 meters wide rolls. You just have to unroll it and cut it to fit the edges by using a Stanley knife. The junction between to stripes of grass is invisible. It is possible to stick the canvas using a special glue that we can provide, but it is not necessary to do it on every coating.

What kind of tools do I need?

A Stanley knife for carpet and a tube of glue in a pistol if needed. We can provide these tools.

What is the delivery delay?

As long as we have stocks, we can deliver to your door within five working days.

Is there a warranty on the grass?

Each kind of grass is guaranteed 6 years.

How does it react to weather changes?

The grass is resistant to freezing and high temperatures up to 50°C. In order to protect the original colours, they are also treated against UV rays.

What happens if there is water (rain)?

Our grass has holes every 20cm, allowing water to go through. The water will drain under the "grass" as it would normally do on the surface.

On what kind of coating can I set the artificial grass?

On any kind of coating really: wooden floor, concrete, tar roofing, packed sand,… The canvas on which the grass is sewn is perforated in order to let the water trough and respect the draining slopes.

What is the grass made of?

The black canvas is made out of natural fibers, and the grass itself is made based on synthetics polymers.

Where can I pick up my new grass ?

In our warehouse: Avenue Mercator 3 in 1300 Wavre ("Zoning nord") Please contact us on 0485/317644 (Olivier) to make an appointment.

When can I come pick-up my order at the warehouse ?

You can come every fday of the week between 09h and 18h. Please call us up front to make an appointment so we are sure to be there for you.

Which ways of payment are accepted?

Paypal, Credit cards (VISA, MC, …), bank transfers.

Do you deliver abroad ?

We can deliver aborad. The transportation fees are to pay on top of your order of course. Please check www.green-side.be/livraison for details.

What is the minimum order ?

Rolls are 2 meters wide, the minimum order is therefore 2 square meters (2m wide x 1m length).

How do you support your projects?

Thanks to you, a percentage of our benefit is automatically paid to the projects you decided to support.

How is it packed?

The grass is delivered in rolls, packaged.

How do I take care of my grass?

The Greenside’s grasses do not need any special care. All the benefits of a nice grass without the downsides (no mowing, no watering, no mud, no weed, no scum).

Can I be entitled to the VAT at 6% for renovating my house ?

As our products are considered as decoration and not construction material, the VAT applicable is 21%.

Anymore questions?

If you had anymore questions feel free to contact us directly, we’ll be happy to help you.