The project of Greenside is double


We bring a solution to those who wish to see green all over the places where you can't grow it naturally.



Our vision of the world today goes along with the protection of the environment and help to those who are in need.

By buying our products, you automatically support one of the projects below (just choose the one you prefer)

Surfrider Foundation Europe

Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization , dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the word's oceans, waves and beaches. They are active through conservation, activism, research and education.

It was created back in 1984 in the USA, by a group of surfers who wanted to protect our oceans and beaches.

The organization has since evolved and growned up to more than 60,000 members and more than 80 local entities worldwide. We definitly wanted to support them in their constant positive actions around the globe. They are definitly friends of the environment.

SOS Haiti Belgium

SOS Haïti is a non-profit organization created in Belgium. Their ambition and objective is to help the poorest in Haïti, with a special focus on orphans. They have just started the construction of a second orphanage which will be called "Chant d'oiseau" (bird songs).

The organization has also started a large program of sponsorship of children of their existing orphenage, with the huge hope that every child will have, somewhere in this world, a godfather/godmother that will care of him, write him, help him (with 1€ a day, in Haïti, a child can live, eat, dress, go to school and even have access to healthcare). We wanted to support them through our business as they are such great people, caring people.